Fire & Water Restoration Services San Antonio, TX

Managing Fire And Water Restoration In San Antonio

As a homeowner one of your worst fears is a fire, flood or other type of natural disaster. When these things happen getting professional help for fire and water restoration in San Antonio should be a priority so you, and your family, can get back into your home and to you lives.

The Damage

While there are flooding incidents in the city and in surrounding areas, often water damage is associated with fire. The large volumes of water used by the fire department to put out the flames can result in potential risks of mold, staining, rotting of wood, flooring and walls. Smoke damage typically extends well beyond the area of the home involved in the fire and may require cleaning, removal of materials, rebuilding and repainting.

Let Us Help You

At Dunn-Wright Remodeling our professional staff is able to work with you, and your insurance company, to start on the fire and water restoration in San Antonio as soon as possible. We will provide all the experienced professionals that are needed to complete your project correctly and with full compliance with any building codes and regulations.

In addition we will work closely with you for our fire and water restoration in San Antonio so that you are part of the team and informed as to how the project is progressing. We are bonded, licensed and insurance and, more that than, we are focused on ensuring that in this difficult time we are here to help you get your home back.