How to Care for Wood Countertops

Wood countertops, occasionally called butcher block countertops, will require more maintenance than additional kinds of counters. It’s because of the porous nature of the wood, as well as its capability of absorbing bacteria. In order to keep these Kitchen Counter Tops in San Antonio within the best shape, they ought to regularly be oiled with mineral oil, and cleansed after every use.

Mineral oil for cleaning

Mineral oil is a colorless, transparent substance developed as a by-product of petroleum distillation. It’s utilized on wood countertops because it’ll penetrate the wood grains in order to keep its surface resistant to stains, as well as maintain its finish. Olive and vegetable oils shouldn’t be utilized for this reason, as they’ll turn rancid.

How often to apply mineral oil

Mineral oil ought to be topically applied one time every 2 – 3 months in order to preserve the life of such countertops. Slightly warm the mineral oil on the stove top before application. Dip a cloth inside the warmed oil then apply to the wood, and wipe in the same direction as the wooden grain. Permit the oil to soak in for around 8 hours prior to wiping any excess oil off which hasn’t been absorbed.

Everyday cleaning of wood countertops

For daily wood countertop cleaning, a solution comprised of warm water and liquid dish soap is suitable. A mix made of 1 tablespoon bleach with 1 gallon warm water ought to be applied to destroy bacteria. The solution must be used any time raw poultry or meat is placed on the countertop. Scouring pads or scouring cleaner never should be utilized to clean these countertops, as they’ll destroy the finish. Only use a soft sponge or cloth with delicate cleansers.