The Many Options for Room Additions

You are only limited by your imagination.

If you’re looking for room additions or a room remodel, we can help. As a room contractor with extensive expertise with remodeling services that include home additions, you’re in good hands with Dunn-Wright.

Construction at residential house, back deck being recontructed and repaired

Need or Want More Space?  A home in San Antonio is much more than a house. It is a place of memories, of family and perhaps even of challenges that have been overcome. It is also one of the largest investments any family will make. Over time, and throughout the years, the family gradually makes it their own space, their own personal home. But, if you could, would you expand that space? Do you want a guest room, an office, an extra living space for the family to stretch out in?

Increase the Space at Your San Antonio, TX Home with a Room Addition.  Sometimes, the existing space in our homes is simply not enough. If you need an extra room for your home, the pros at Dunn-Wright Remodeling are here to help. Room additions are a great option for those selling your home and moving, improving the curb appeal, as well as making it easier to remain in your home while also increasing the living space. Interested in remodeling services to give you extra space? Let’s talk.

We Offer All Sorts of Home Additions.  There is really no restriction on the type of room addition(s) that can be added to an existing home. Many people want to add a nursery or an additional bedroom for a child, while other families may need an additional room or suite for their parents. Perhaps you want to remodel to have an income-generating suite within your home.

Other popular types of room additions include: home offices, home theaters, games rooms, weight rooms and perhaps even an additional bathroom. In San Antonio, a sunroom or a covered deck area that can be used all year round is another popular option to increase living space.

Get Help With Extensions, Additions, and More from a Skilled San Antonio Contractor.  Regardless of the specific type of addition you want for your San Antonio home, Dunn-Wright Remodeling can provide the general contracting services needed to ensure the new room or space blends into your existing floor plan and the architectural style of your existing home. We hire the experts and manage the facilitation of the project from start to finish, based on your needs, your budgets, and your wish list.

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